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Why Choose Celfie Design?

The team of Celife design is customer-centric and focuses on making the customer happy with its product because we believe that the customer is the king of the market and satisfaction of the customer is the most important thing. We believe in growing organically i.e. when customers use our product and get happy they recommend it to their friends this is how we've grown over years.

We have officially launched the licensed mobile phone cases products from various sectors.

We Have A Collection of International Artists & Labels Like.

  • Marvel
  • DC Comics
  • Disney
  • Garfield
  • Chhota Bheem
  • Amitabh Bachchan
  • Yedaz
  • Gauri Khan
  • Coca Cola
  • Masaba
  • Rouble Nagi and many more…

These mobile phone cases are more futuristic in design terms than any other case in the market.

We offer you the best price available for the case you purchase and the quality you get in return. Our cases offer all-around protection to your phone and help you use it for a longer period.

We even offer a return and refund service in case you have any problem with the case you purchased, do get back to us and we will do the needful for you because IT'S ALL YOURS.

We do not promote our work because our customers promote us. Customers are our real assets and to make them happy is our motto. We've been working for years and delivering happiness to the customers.

Celfie Design brings you the originally licensed products unlike the competitors in the market. We have multiple ranges of phone cases in our collection box for you to choose from.

Silicone Phone Cases – Largely made from the silicone along with other elements, a silicone case generally offers a softer touch which feels very pleasant when held in the hands at the same time it offers a firm grip while holding our phone. Silicone cases are extremely durable. It is easy to bend, twist and shimmy causing no structural damage to the phone.

Slim Phone Cases - We even provide high-quality sleek cases which save your phone from a drop as well as give your phone a refreshing look with its various designs to choose from.

LED Phone Cases - Glow your superhero at night. We've even got your favourite LED cases with Ironman, Hulk, Wonder Women, and all characters of Marvel.

Shield Phone Cases - Do you love taking on new challenges every day in your life? Then this case is for you with the challenges the risk of dropping your device increases now to protect your phone from those damages we have this Extreme Case for your phone which has Airshield technology built-in which protects your iPhone from drops up to 10 feet.

Glass Phone Cases - Want a Transparent case but worried about dropping your iPhone? We have built these phone covers exclusively for you. With the 9H Tempered Glass back on your iPhone case these case protects your phone from scratches, dust, water spills, and falls.

Eco Friendly Phone Cases - Are you environmentally conscious? Want to use a case but no plastic or chemically made phone covers? We are here for your needs, we've made these cases with all the biodegradable materials which protect your phone and your also environment. It gives the premium soft-touch which is like a boon to your hands. This is the perfect mobile cover if you want to be light on nature.

Neon Sand Phone Cases - Neon Sand Cases are built with neon sand which lights your phone up without much effort. With this glowing sand, it brightens your phone back at night and sparkles during the day. These covers are built in such a way that it gets hard for you to take your eyes off the case. It even protects your phone from drops and falls giving it all-around protection with edge-to-edge safety.

MagSafe Silicone Phone Cases - MagSafe Silicone Cases are built using the latest technology with the use of magnets in such way that it helps protect your iPhone with the help of a soft microfiber lining on the inside and reduces the vibrations when your phone accidentally falls from your hand and lessens the intensity of damage it might to cause to your phone.

Clear Phone Cases – A Clear Case is made of clear hard plastic which is extremely durable and in demand in the mobile phone industry. There are several benefits to have a Clear Case for your phone, keeping it safe from moisture most of the time helps in adding to the shelf life of your mobile phone.

And we have more than you need.... there's a huge range of phone covers with above 600+ op-tions for you to choose from.

Why Are Mobile Phone Cases Important?

They not only protect your device but also gives you a superior feeling of holding your phone in your hand with high confidence with ample grip restricting it from slipping from your hand.

As our phone is a tool used in daily life, we use it often more than we think to use it. The heat from the phone may affect our hand moment in long term, to safeguard yourself do use a mobile case, the phone case takes the heat and doesn't let it transfer to your hand.

These cases even provide you with a new refreshing look to your phone and make your phone stand out in the crowd.

Make your phone look cool with our smartphone designer cases.

Our range of cover starts from Rs.499 and goes till Rs.1699. These prices are inclusive of all the taxes and you even get PAN India delivery for free.

About Celfie Design – Phone Cases

Celfie Design was started back in 2016 with the motive of serving the customer with a variety of options in tech accessories, we started with phone cases and now we are selling every tech accessory you need ranging from phone cases to power banks to laptop skins.

Celfie Design has the best designer cases you will ever need. Celfie Design is the best online shopping site in India where you can purchase your phone cases. When it's online shopping there are many options to choose from but there is hardly someone who will provide you with what we provide i.e. Value for money.

Celfie Design has covers and cases for various brands like Oneplus, Samsung, Realme, Vivo, Oppo, Mi, Redmi etc. Some of our best selling cases are iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, iPhone 12 Pro cases, OnePlus 9 Pro cases, OnePlus Nord cases.


Does the phone bulks up after adding the phone case to it.

No, the phone won't bulk up and it will retain the thinnest shape possible and it won't even add weight to the phone.

Will it protect the phone against drops and water spills?

Yes the case will protect your case from drops up to 6 feet as it has extra raised lips and they will even protect the back from water spills.

Which kind of case do we offer?

We offer various mobile covers that include silicon cases, LED cases, slim cases, shield cases, glass cases with various designs and customization.

How many designs do we offer for our phone case?

We have a collection of 600+ designer back covers for your phone.

How long does our LED case last?

We have made our case in such a way that it’s built to last 300000 clicks. That may roughly come to around 16 years if you light the case up 50 times a day.

Which is the best place for shopping for exclusive licensed products?

Celfie Design is the place you need to visit, it is the best online shopping place you will ever come across.